68Kemu is a CPU emulator for Atari TOS/MiNT operating systems. It allows running standard 68000 software using an emulated 68000 CPU, while the OS itself still runs using the native CPU. This provides the best compromise between compatibility and speed.

68Kemu is written by Vincent Rivière. It is based on the Musashi M680x0 emulator from Karl Stenerud. As a result, 68Kemu usage is free for any non-commercial purpose only. See README.txt for details.

Currently, only the ColdFire binary 68kemu.prg is provided. It can be useful on the FireBee.
- On EmuTOS for ColdFire, there is no 68000 emulation. 68Kemu is the only way to run traditional 68000 binaries.
- On FireTOS, there is a built-in 68060 emulation based on an illegal instruction exception handler. 68Kemu may still be useful, as it may provide better CPU compatibility for some programs.
Note that only the CPU is emulated. Some 68000 binaries may not work due to hardware or operating systems restrictions.

This software is in ALPHA status, as a proof of concept. Don't expect it to be reliable. Especially, callbacks such as GEM USERDEFs are not supported and will run unemulated.


GitHub repository: vinriviere/68kemu
Original sources: 68kemu-20120317.tar.bz2 (95 KB)

ColdFire binaries for MiNT

ColdFire binary: 68kemu-20120317-bin-mintv4e.zip (140 KB)

This software is freely provided by Vincent Rivière. There is no warranty of any kind.

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