Package hatari version 0.50

Original links

Original download:


Original sources: hatari-0.50.tar.gz (485.5 kB)

68000 binaries for MiNT

68000 binary: (536.0 kB)
68000 build script: hatari-0.50-bin-mint-howto.txt (3.9 kB)

68020-60 binaries for MiNT

68020-60 binary: (488.3 kB)
68020-60 build script: hatari-0.50-bin-mint020-howto.txt (3.9 kB)

ColdFire binaries for MiNT

ColdFire binary: (597.2 kB)
ColdFire build script: hatari-0.50-bin-mintv4e-howto.txt (3.9 kB)

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